Skype friendships for peace


Worldwide friends exchange program using Skype communications between people from different countries. 2 years long, with conferences every month. The objective is to promote peace in the land and between lands.

Volunteers are accepted to register in a waiting list where they will be chosen randomly. Also some participants are actively chosen. Some towns or cities might be specially chosen to promote there this international friendships for peace exchanges. Pairs are randomly chosen once the language preferences are met.

The participants would write down parts of the conversation or do reports on how the life of the other is and what does the other say about himself and his land. Some oral conversations can be recorded. Some friendships can be had only by email, forum or some other written medium, or online voice mail.

An internet group or a foundation can take the role of organizer and promoter of this exchanges. The initial networking could be done just using twitter and facebook, and through that network the participants would be chosen. The documented material that the friend pair produces would be stored and published in a separate website.

In moments of crisis the whole organization and relations can be used to obtain fresh information from a more trusted source.

The talking volunteers are representatives of the country for the outside world. How much is the selection a valid representation of the people of a land must be questioned, messured, and bettered.

Programs carried between different groups inside of a country or binational programs can also be held.

Domain names: , , penfriendsforpeace , , internationalfriendshipsforpeace , friendshipsforpeace .


E-bike rental spots for commuters


E-bike/electric vehicle depot in front of office areas.

Used to go to work, for courier service in day working hours. For taxi service, for work expeditions, to bring food for catering, to bring groceries for the workers.

Employees going and coming to work can take with them special “neighbourhood and building community boxes”. Either for them, or their neighbours, or for other person, or neighbours.

Also provisions for the enterprise can be brought to work.

Instead of looking for the family or the enterpise, we look for a bike of a worker belonging to the group.

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Toolset for Self Organized Citizen Voting

( looking for interested people )

A democracy app-shop. Or a sourceforge like site that showcases software projects for political expression and citizen organizing.

The aim of the Project is puting together, showcase, promote, and help the development process from communication and organizational tools so that citizens can do things like self organize a citizen voting days on the streets, with the same or higher features and characteristics than state organized voting.

Examples of open tools that are not developed:

  • Phone App that guides a one day self organized street national voting (the promotion of this app getting to work for people would be the Project Flagship).

  • Distributed citizen billboards with citizen info and participation possibilities.

  • P2P Public Political Expression Registry.

  • Signature rising delegates, „liquid undersignatures“. (Usable also to initiate the process for a national vote).

Example of software types in development and running: voting softwares, liquid democracy softwares, social news aggregators, communal text editing, fast communal text editing, forums, email groups, teleconferencing, etcetera. (mature projects that are not specifically for political use will probably not be active enough in “our site” to be a “hosted project”).

Tools would be tested/observed working in real life and then a revision commity of volunteers could approve it or not as ready to use.

Fields of interest for the tools include: a way for the people to decide on what and when there is a voting; to organize the people to set up and run the voting booths (using random selection of the people running each voting booth); investigate, judge and direct how the voting is organized, and final validation or rejector of the vote.

Also included in the scope of the toolset is the initial news distribution, and generating and structuring the political debate around the vote from vote request to validation of vote.

Other services for political expression and organization of citizens can of course also be part of the toolset, such as undersigning any type of paper, personal declarations, rejection of a particular, recall, initiation of a judgement, veredict. Forming of citizen commisions. Popular open studies of issues (maybe a new kind of socio-political institution that was not possible before).

If you are interested contact or comment here:


Freelance electric bike builders network

Someone wants an electric bicycle, assessed most times by a friend, an agent, or directly a freelance electric bicycle builder. He then chooses the model, price and providers.

He then orders all the needed pieces, which are sent to the freelance electric bicycle builder. Mounting does not require very complicated tools.

Bikes are finally tested by an independant examiner. A peer, a company, or by the builder recording the bike ride.

The network will promote local manufacturing and bike culture, establishing a direct relation between the person building the bike and the user. Money going to people near you. Because of the smaller overhead and the personal and



The main commercial tool would be a phone app and internet site to search for builders and bicycle types. Builders can post a list of places where to order all the pieces. (Possible domain names: Localebike, lokalbikemount, lokalbike,, bikehood, bikehoods, mountabike, bikebuilders, mount-a-bike).

The bike itself can also be used as a selling or communication tool. On the bike frame there is a code that allows you to talk on the internet about that exact bike, also will include the information of the model and the builder. With this code you can also access the history information about the bike, like repairs, charging times, or recorded data of performance or use. You could see for example how many hours did the bike ride, the charging habits, etc.

Background info

Electric bikes sales are rising around 30-60% a year. A couple of million electric bikes in Europe last year.

At current times, only small and medium enterprises are fabricating eletric bikes. They accumulate stock and make sales of a couple of models. Sometimes they “design” the bike themselves, and some times they adopt a nearly made solution and choose among some options or piece changes.

This network would allow small bike shops to sell a lot of different models. And even recieve offers to mount new models directly from clients.

Other details


  • Delivery and test. The tester drives the bike from the producer to the client. Maybe the ride is recorded by a simple short video making thingy and the video is delivered in a USB with the bike as a documental proof of the test done. Maybe the tester can also be the constructor if the ride is recorded.


A generalization of a peer to peer network for electric bicycles

– Peer construction. Peer learning on electric bicycles.

– Peer design. Open source electric bicycle.

  • Open source test machine for electric bicycles. Can be promoted by holding a competition.

– Peer production. Open Bills of Materials.

– Peer certification.

– Peer consumer reporting.

Information is as open as possible, but/and private actors are perfectly encouraged to take part by self interest too, but following rules of interaction and “open commerce etiquete”.

Competitions, social events. Electric bikes competitions (by price categories? Wheight? Battery independant???

Quality assesement

Best way to compare bikes and parts is by recording use by rider.

Competition to create an open source test machine for electric bicycles. During the first selection phase, admission to competition by individuals or groups will be sent to an open list of supporting electric bicycle professionals.


A protocol and service network to provide telephone contact info for a specific subject/object, using a digitalized physical code (a QR Code). The list of phones you can call is something like a google search for a certain row of hashtags, the “answer” is changing with time or location, etc… .


“Map talk”. Short messaging each other on a virtual map.

An app for short messaging where maps are used to define what is now called “friends” or “people you follow”. To be used with already existing accounts, either for events, debates, or for longer term interactions.

Users create 4 avatars and move them around a map. Through the avatars, the users receive and send short messages. Messages are recieved depending on distance and/or depending on objects on the map.

“Comunicational virtual objects” can also be created and moved around. Like: pigeon holes, voting boxes, recorders, live TV signals, debate spaces, radio emiters, secret rooms, bars, etc.. . Communicational virtual objects can be limited depending on the maps settings. Also semi-automatic objects can appear as when tags or words are often used, wormholes or roads appear when avatars are moving often from one to another place.

Words can also be used as objects, behaving like hashtags or subscription lists. Also a certain thematic map can include icons that represent other webs or blogs or newspapers or other real life symbols and then the users can interact also with links from or talking about this third party webs or real life symbols.



A city, country or community can have its own virtual map. People would create with time “communication landscapes” by positioning themselves and reacting to others positionings. Objects would add possibilities.

This is not just a way to “map” and visualize communications and relationships. The main objective is to allow groups

Maps can be patched together as part of larger map collections. Maps could be joined together, or have funny behaviours specific for the intended use.


Tech details

Communicational objects can be defined through a configuration script. Or can be apps/scripts with a short description and a script describing inputs used and outputs given (they can be live-updated by the “administrators” of the object). Some objects need to be accepted by the avatars-users in order to affect the avatar-user communicative actions.

Maps are centrally shared and group editable, but are executed locally by a distributed, or third party, instant messaging app. This means that users can encript their messages and have total control over own messaging apps, but that the common map is centrally runned. Non desired access to personal communication messages is hindered by trying to make it easy and accessible for users to control the information generated by them that communicational obects and the map itself uses.


If you like the idea you can reserve a domain name

Domain names available: talkymap, maptalky, maptalk (.net/.info), talkmap (net/.info).

And write to me with any thoughts or actions, .


Enterprise making internet videos of products

Audiovisual enterprise specialized in doing and showing videos of industrial and mass products thorough the internet.

Product types: new mass products proposals, industrial machines, funny ones (upcycled, funny gifts, …).

Videoclips browsable in a similar logic to usually seen videos. Videoclips types: long presentation, add, product visualization, product in use, production video. Use metadata and tags about what the product is, its developpment stage, to whom is the message directed, metadata on the video.

Wiki-product-pedia to gather and classify such videos.


Business structure

– Amplify the base of workers by licencing freelancers. Stablish enterprise as a franchise.

IDEA Audiovisual enterprise specialized in showing industrial and mass products thorough the internet. Videoclips (for youtube and others) browsable in a similar logic using similar show concepts (long presentation, add, product visualization, product in use, production video). Metadata about what the product is, it’s stage, to whom is the message directed, metadata on the video. Wikipedia to gather and classify such videos. Start with new mass products proposals.


Idea for photovoltaic factories with glass-glass modules

The innovation I propose consists of glass-glass module factories that instead of producing the glass-glass encasings in the factory they buy it already done from an OEM provider. In the module factory the strings of photovoltaic cells would be soldered and then introduced in the glass-glass encasing, and finally the module would be sealed.

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Ice tray and ice bucket

An ice cubes maker that is also an ice cubes holder.

How does it work? As you would usually do, you pour water into the holes and put it in the fridge. Once the cubes are frozen you can push them out and keep them in the very same object. Then you can pour water again to make more ice cubes. You can use it to serve the ice cubes, and also to accumulate ice cubes while producing more.

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